A guide to prototyping tools for UI/UX designers to build great products



In recent times, most organizations’ key vision revolves around user experience, making frequent progress in user experience through the end result of your website or mobile application a prime objective. Prototyping permits you to turn your thoughts into visuals and spares engineers time and exertion. In spite of the variety of prototyping tools available out there, choosing the right one might get tricky. While choosing prototyping tools you would like to consider the learning curve, price points, the device on which the model runs, speed, Fidelity, Collaborations, features, and everything that fits your workflow. This article will direct you through prototyping tools that are ruling in 2021.



Figma undoubtedly is one of the leading all-in-one prototyping tools accessible to UI/UX designers. Figma empowers you to consistently utilize vectors, massive plugin library, exchanging between designs and prototypes, Boolean operations, sharing, scaling your designs, combining layers, and a lot more, in one package that is at a very effective price point.

Value proposition – Web-based functionalities, Real-time collaboration.

Tool Price: Free (3 projects), Professional – $12/month, Organization – $45/month.

Tool Compatibility: Mac OS, Windows, Web



Adobe XD

Adobe XD is the one-stop solution for the designers’ prototyping requirements, which integrates effortlessly with the user testing platform and makes a high-fidelity prototype. Adobe XD allows UI/UX designers to have real-time interactions with teammates and stakeholders and access all their other resources

Value proposition – Integration of all other Adobe tools.

Tool Price: Adobe XD Starter (For personal use, no subscription required)-Free, Adobe XD Single App (For professionals and small teams)- US$9.99/month, Creative Cloud All Apps (20+ Creative Cloud apps, including XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects) – US$52.99/month

Tool Compatibility: OS X, Windows, Android, iOS



Sketch & Principle

Sketch is not a new name for UI/UX designers. With features like vector-based editing, real-time interactions, tool packs, holistic artboard view, incredible plugins, design to prototype switching, etc. it’s amongst the top list of most of the artists out there. Principle, the prototyping tool of Sketch, is mainly known for making animation and interface seem smooth.

Value proposition – Convert text into vector format, Massive user-created plugins, integration with other design software.

Tool Price: Free trial, Full version – $99 one-time payment, for teams – $9/month per contributor seat

Tool Compatibility: Mac OS




InVision is one of the broadly utilized prototyping tools by UI/UX designers out there. InVision gives you plenty of choices to work with like drawing freehand on a whiteboard, visualizing, prototyping, getting inspiration, including layers and vectors to your element, get feedback, and a lot more. This prototyping tool runs on the web and backs different graphic file sorts like JPG, PNG, GIF, PSD, etc.

Value proposition – Mobile prototyping

Tool Price: : Free trial (1 project), Starter (3 projects) – $15/month, Professional (unlimited projects) – $25/month

Tool Compatibility: Android, iOS, Web



Axure RP

Used by nearly 87% of the fortune 500 companies, the Axure RP prototyping tool offers dynamic content, hover and math functionality, data-driven sorting, animation, conditional flows, and everything that UI/UX designers can anticipate from conventional prototyping tools.

Value proposition – Rapid Prototyping.

Tool Price: : Free trial (30 days), Pro – $29/month, Team – $49/month, Enterprise – $99/month.

Tool Compatibility: Mac OS, Windows




Framer is a high fidelity prototyping tool for Mac OS. With broad components and tool library, consistent workflow, simple sharing, device previewing, realistic prototypes, responsive formats, adaptability, and perpetual choices to explore, Framer is among one of the best picks of UI/UX designers, today. However, it is better if you know to work with codes for efficient use of this tools.

Value proposition – Rapid Prototyping.

Tool Price: : Free trial (30 days), Pro – $29/month, Team – $49/month, Enterprise – $99/month.

Tool Compatibility: Mac OS, Windows




 Just in mind

Just in mind is an amazing bundle of readymade UI packs, Code-free prototypes, high-quality wireframes, sound interaction, different resolutions fit, and other highlights that can add stars to your work. This prototyping tool comes with a compelling user guide for tenderfoots in UI/UX designing and offline work choices for UI/UX designers.

Value proposition – Effective user guide for shallow learning curve.

Tool Price: : $ 19/month

Tool Compatibility: Mac OS, Windows






Known for promoting itself as a tool for designers, product managers, and developers, Balsamiq is one of the finest prototyping tools for beginners or professionals in UI/UX design. It gives you a focused low fidelity wireframing, distinctive library, decent prototyping, cloud-based interaction, markups, and a bunch of other alternatives to experiment with.

Value proposition – Focused low fidelity wire framing

Tool Price: : Free trial (30 days), Web app – $12/month, 1 user – $89, Volume license – varies by no. of users

Tool Compatibility: Mac OS, Windows, Web



Prototyping tools empower designers and clients to work better and productively. Subsequently, spend some time inquiring about UI/UI prototyping tools that suit your needs before investing in them. See which of these prototyping tools fit with your workflow, so that you can make the most out of it.