Augmented Reality UI UX Design

Augmented Reality UI UX Design


What is this Course about?
  • Learn to create User experience in AR and understand AR and its applications
  • Learn principles of AR to enhance immersion when designing for AR Experience

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Why join this course ?


Create AR Experiences

With this course you can learn popular use cases of AR and create interactive AR experiences for mobile


Work on live projects

Build awesome interactive AR experience with augmented reality functions



Job opportunities

Break into a brand new industry expected to be worth $165 billion by 2024


Portfolio Creation

Create augmented reality experiences that run on a mobile device and publish on your portfolio










Game-up your AR skillset


Create mobile based Augmented Reality experiences for different use cases









Who is eligible?



  • Designerrs Alumni who are interested in learning Augmented Reality
  • UI/UX Designers, Graphic Designers, 3D artists, Visual Designers, Motion graphics artists who are interested to upskill Augmented Reality
  • Animators, Storytellers and Marketeer who are interested to convey stories in Augmented Reality







  • Mentors who have expertise knowledge in the field of Augmented Reality
  • Mentors who are graduates in design from NID and IIT with extensive experience in AR







Course Perks

AR Kits

Get access to free AR Kits which enhances your creation of AR Experiences

Get Certified

We provide a digital certificate after the completion of the course.

Design Community

Be a part of design community to build connections and get inspired by various designers.

Be the First

You’ll be the first among people to take up this Augmented Reality course





What will you learn?



  • What is AR and its origin
  • How does AR work?
  • Types of AR and AR Hardware
  • Difference between AR, VR and MR
  • AR Prototyping Tools
  • Creating your first AR Experience
  • Running your AR Experience
  • Understanding Project brief
  • User Research for AR
  • User Personas for AR
  • User Scenarios for AR
  • Storyboarding in AR
  • User onboarding in AR
  • Guidelines for designing AR
  • UI and user controls in AR
  • Wireframing for AR
  • Importing Assets into AR
  • Face Tracking in AR
  • Scene creation in AR
  • Testing your AR prototype
  • Importing Assets into AR
  • Target Tracking
  • Animating your AR prototype
  • Testing your AR prototype
  • Interaction design
  • High fidelity wireframes
  • Creating Wireflows in AR
  • Setting up Prototype
  • Signifiers and Affordance
  • Understanding the heuristics for AR
  • Creating moodboard
  • Creating Prototype
  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • Wireframes refinement
  • Prototype refinements
  • Usability Testing methods
DAY 10
  • Performing Usability Testing
  • User testing Guidelines
  • Testing with Users
  • Visual Refinement
DAY 11
  • Exporting your prototype
  • Guidelines for icon design
  • Creating an icon
  • Publishing your prototype
DAY 12
  • AR Portfolios examples
  • How to create an AR portfolio
  • Portfolio Review
  • Portfolio Presentation