D.School Entrance Exam Preparation

D.School Entrance Exam Preparation



What is inside?

If you are planning to CRACK CEED, NID, and NIFT exams and pursue B.Des/M.Des to kick start a career in design, you should have a good eye for details and a natural flair towards creativity.

We aim at providing a unique learning experience to build a design thinking foundation in you that will ease your journey to get into your dream colleges and universities to pursue B.Des/M.Des.

This course aims to prepare you for prelims exams UCEED/CEED, NID-UG/PG, NIFT-UG/PG conducted by IIT, NID and NIFT.


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5 months

Session Count

60 Sessions


Mentor Led





9 hrs/week








Enhance creative thinking

Practice through learning activities which helps to apply knowledge, skills and attitudes in everyday situation.



Build design foundation

Learn the basics and get deeper understanding of design principles and techniques.




Boost aptitude skills

Improve numerical, analytical, and logical skills by learning concepts through real life applications.



Master sketching skills

Grasp techniques for keen observation to draw free hand sketching with precision and speed.




Improve time management

Attempt multiple time based assessments on LMS based on CEED,UCEED, NID-DAT, NIFT-CAT pattern.



Grasp exam strategy

Discover techniques and tricks used by experts to ace your design exams with confidence.





Mock Test
Design Kits





Course Outcomes


Mini portfolio projects

Activities that add to your unique design portfolio with the help of our design kits.


Become Prelims ready

Get ready to crack any design prelims exam through intensive practice tests and quizzes.




How is this course conducted?

1  Learn from our interactive curriculum

2 Perform activities to start building projects

3 Attend multiple mock tests and quizes

4 Obtain feedback and progress status




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What will you learn?

Week 1 & 2

Drawing Basics

  • Design Sketching
  • Shapes
  • 2D DrawingA brieft
  • 3D Drawing
  • Perspective DrawingA brieftA brieftvv


Week 3 & 4

Graphics & Figures

  • Composition
  • Sketching figures
  • Motion drawing
  • 2D Graphics
  • Specialization based drawingrotyvvv

Week 5 & 6

Design Thinking Basics

  • Fundamentals in design thinking
  • Design basics
  • Metaphors in design¬†
  • Idea generation
  • Signs & typography Unnttotyvvvp

Week 7 & 8

Visuals & Sketching

  • Theory of colours
  • Principles of Visuals
  • Photography Basics
  • Manufacturing Basics
  • Rendering and DetailingdeRenderin


Week 9 & 10

English & Basic Maths

  • Word play
  • English Comprehension
  • Language & Vocabulary
  • Creative writing
  • Basic Mathstotmmmpingtyvvvvvvpi


Week 11 & 12

Maths & Science

  • Geometry
  • Mensuration
  • Permutation & Combination
  • Probability & Statistics
  • SciencetoUnnttoUnnttotyvvvptyvvvptyttbbbbb

Week 13 & 14

Arts & History

  • Famous Art & Artists
  • Art & Crafts
  • Design & Designers
  • Famous Brands & Logos
  • HistorytotUUnnttotyvvvpnnttotyvvvpyt

Week 15 & 16

General Knowledge

  • Geography
  • Literature & architecture
  • Games & sports
  • Famous Personalities
  • Important Eventstotypingtypingbbb


Week 17 & 18

Practice Mock Test

  • Aptitude test 1,2
  • Mock Test UCEED/CEED
  • Aptitude test 3,4
  • Mock Test NID UG/PG
  • Miscellaneous test 1prototypingt

Week 19 & 20

Practice Mock Test

  • Miscellaneous test 2
  • Mock Test NIFT UG/PG
  • Mock Test UCEED/CEED
  • Mock Test NID UG/PG
  • Mock Test NIFT UG/PGtotypingtyping


Who can join this course ?




You are in class 12 and planning to prepare for to pursue B.Des entrances UCEED, NID,NIFT-UG to pursue B.Des and looking for the right guidance for preparation.



You have completed your class 12 and attempted UCEED, NID, and NIFT B.Des exams but not able to crack the design entrance exams, now looking for the right guidance.




You are a fresh graduate from various domains who wants to crack the design entrance to secure an M.Des admission top design colleges, now looking for guidance for preparation.



You are a working professional from various domains who wants to pursue M.Des from a top design college, now looking for guidance for preparation.




You are completing your B.Des and planning for M.Des in a specific design specialization, now looking for the right guidance for preparation.



You are a graduate or working professional who has attempted CEED, NID,NIFT PG exams but not able to crack the design entrance exams ,now looking for right guidance.



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