D.School Interview and Portfolio Preparation

D.School Interview and Portfolio Preparation




What is inside?

This course aims to prepare you for the mains exams which includes Studio tests, Situation tests, Group discussions and Personal Interview in the UCEED/CEED, NID-UG/PG, and NIFT-UG/PG, conducted by IIT, NID, and NIFT.

We aim to provide a unique learning experience that will guide you to express your creativity by bringing your ideas into reality.

If you are here, you have almost reached the next door of the gateway to your dream design college for pursuing B.Des/ M.Des.


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2 months

Session Count

25 Sessions







9 hrs/week



Course Features



Make multiple design projects

Explore various mediums, materials and forms through out course activities. Use them to build hands-on projects that will showcase your skills and interest in building various creative ideas in Situation test/Interview round.



Practice creativity skills

Practice through observation skills to learn how to identify design problems and make creative ideas to solve. Convert it to various design projects to build a strong portfolio to showcase.




Decode situation test

Practice through multiple mock tests to decode the situations, develop quick ideation and showcase your ideas and creativity through your model making skills.



Give Mock Interviews

Learn to showcase your design portfolio projects through effective presentation skills by practicing story telling methods to communicate your ideas by giving mock interviews.




Get detailed feedback

Groom yourself in all aspects with the help of the time punched feedback in every movement of your mock interview practice conversation and know your gaps for improvements.



Admission Counselling

Get guidance on trends in design education, design industry, cut off, eligibility, exams, colleges, programs and specializations based on your interest and skills.

Design Prototype
Portfolio Projects
Situation Tests
Group Discussion
Mock Interviews

Course Outcomes


Master your Design Prototypes

Learn material manipulation technique by exploring different materials and tools


Become interview ready

Present your unique personality and passion for design learning comfortably in front of interview panel.



Have a unique portfolio

A unique and distinguishable portfolio worth flaunting in your interview rounds for any design college exams.


Build your confidence

Improve your confidence throughout our curriculum sessions and activities and outperform in your mains exam.

How is this course conducted?

Explore medium, material and perform hands on activitiees


Create design projects and build your portfolio


Attend multiple mock studio/situation tests


Attempt multiple mock GD and interviews


Get admission guidance

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What will you learn?

Session Icons

Week 1

Studio Test Introduction
  • Doodling on Lines
  • Doodling on Shapes
  • Studio Test Pattern
  • Evaluation Pattern
  • Time Management

Session Icons

Week 2

Material Exploration
  • Understanding Materials
  • Medium Exploration
  • Material Manipulation
  • Exploring Materials
  • Material Attributes

Session Icons

Week 3

Designing Prototypes
  • Material Based Prototype
  • Fashion Focused Prototype
  • Industrial Design Focused Prototype
  • Paper Craft Prototype
  • Furniture Based Prototype

Session Icons

Week 4

Audio Visuals
  • Audio Analysis Test
  • Audio Recognition Test
  • Video Analysis Test
  • Video Recognition Test
  • Media Analysis Test


Session Icons

Week 5

Group Discussion
  • Case Studies
  • Body Language
  • Verbal Communication
  • Time Management
  • Miscellaneous Situation

Session Icons

Week 6

Portfolio Preparation
  • Design Project Preparation
  • Portfolio Compilation
  • Specialisation Based Portfolio
  • Portfolio Review
  • Portfolio Presentation Mode

Session Icons

Week 7

Interview Preparation
  • Interview Tips
  • Body Language
  • Presentation
  • Situation Handling
  • Problem Solving


Session Icons

Week 8

Mock Test
  • Concept Evaluation
  • Revise Exam Format
  • Understand Question Pattern
  • Test-Taking Strategies
  • Assessment Criteria



Who can join this course ?



You have prepared for your prelims rounds, now want to prepare for the mains in UCEED/CEED, NID-UG/PG,NIFT UG/PG exams by practicing through mock test and interviews.



You have attempted Design entrance exams before and cracked prelims rounds but not able to crack the mains, now you are looking for the right guidance for Studio/Situation test and Interview round for your next attempt.

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