Figma – Mastering UI/UX Design Tool

Figma – Mastering UI/UX Design Tool


What is this Course about?
This is a 2-weeks course for people who want to build an end to end strong understanding of Figma.



Why join this course ?


Become a Pro

Get an in-depth understanding of Figma features and gain confidence in creating UI design using Figma


Hands on Experience while Learning Figma UI UX Design

Hands on Experience

Experience a personalised and hands on learning on Figma, trained by professionals.



Advanced Prototyping

Have a detailed understanding of designing UI, prototyping and micro-Interactions, using Figma.



Upgrade your skills

Learn to create visually appealing and aesthetic user interface design to showcase in your Portfolio





Who is eligible?


  • Designerrs Alumni who are interested in learning a new tool.
  •  Professional UX/UI Designers interested in learning a new design tool.







Course Highlights


An end to end knowledge about Figma and how to enhance the workflow.







Course taken by the best Mentors in the industry


  • Trainers have extensive experience working with Figma
  • Trainers have been working in Industry for 3+ years


What will you learn?


Become a master of a new All in one tool. Sharpen your Skills by learning amazing workflows.


Day 1
  • Essentials of figma
  • Setting up your file
  • Exploring Community and Plugins
  • Responsive Design constraints in Figma
  • Creating style guide for a project
  • Publishing Style guide to Team Library
Day 2
  • Creating Frames and Grids in Figma
  • Using plugins for faster workflow
  • Accessing Colors from team library
  • Auto layout in Figma
  • Adding GIF’s to Figma
  • Creating Components in Figma
Day 3
  • Accessing icons from kits
  • Prototyping in Figma
  • Smart animate in Figma
  • Adding overlay effect in prototype
  • Enhancing prototypes with GIF’s



Day 4
  • Create Microinteraction in Figma
  • View and record Prototype
  • Real time preview of Design
  • Sharing and exporting files in Figma
  • Versioning in Figma
  • Creating a presentation for portfolio





Course Perks



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