Figma – Mastering UI/UX Design Tool

Figma – Mastering UI/UX Design Tool


What is this Course about?
This is a 2-weeks course for people who want to build an end to end strong understanding of Figma.


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Why join this course ?


Figma Pro Features

Become a Pro

Get an in-depth understanding of Figma features & gain confidence in creating UI design using Figma


Hands on Experience while Learning Figma UI UX Design

Hands on Experience

Experience a personalised and hands on learning on Figma, trained by professionals.



Figma Prototyping

Advanced Prototyping

Have a detailed understanding of designing UI, prototyping and micro-Interactions, using Figma.



UI Design Skills

Upgrade your skills

Learn to create visually appealing and aesthetic user interface design to showcase in your Portfolio



Who is eligible?


  • Designerrs Alumni who are interested in learning a new tool.
  •  Professional UX/UI Designers interested in learning a new design tool.







Course Highlights


An end to end knowledge about Figma and how to enhance the workflow.




Microinteractions in Figma

Figma Essentials

Design and Workflow in Figma

Figma Developer Hand-Off and Portfolio Creation


Figma UI UX Design Mentors



Course taken by the best Mentors in the industry


  • Trainers have extensive experience working with Figma
  • Trainers have been working in Industry for 3+ years


What will you learn?


Become a master of a new All in one tool. Sharpen your Skills by learning amazing workflows.


Day 1
  • Essentials of figma
  • Setting up your file
  • Exploring Community and Plugins
  • Responsive Design constraints in Figma
  • Creating style guide for a project
  • Publishing Style guide to Team Library
Day 2
  • Creating Frames and Grids in Figma
  • Using plugins for faster workflow
  • Accessing Colors from team library
  • Auto layout in Figma
  • Adding GIF’s to Figma
  • Creating Components in Figma
Day 3
  • Accessing icons from kits
  • Prototyping in Figma
  • Smart animate in Figma
  • Adding overlay effect in prototype
  • Enhancing prototypes with GIF’s



Day 4
  • Create Microinteraction in Figma
  • View and record Prototype
  • Real time preview of Design
  • Sharing and exporting files in Figma
  • Versioning in Figma
  • Creating a presentation for portfolio





Course Perks

Free Figma Pro Features       Figma UI Kits and Plugins       Figma UI UX Design Course Certification      Figma Designer Community


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