Corporate UI/UX Design Sprint

Corporate UI/UX Design Sprint


What is the course about ?

This is a 3-day intensive training for people who want to get hands dirty in UX design without spending a lot of time by going through intensive training. By the end of this course, the participant will have a good understanding of applying UX methodologies on any project and have a working capability of handling any project from scratch.

What will you learn?

Quick understanding of UI/ UX design and the Design Thinking process. Learn how to solve problems from scratch and creating great User Experiences, finish a customised module and get hands-on experience.

Who is eligible?

Experienced professionals such as analysts, engineers, programmers, managers, artists, writers, entrepreneurs and designers can take up this course with basic understanding of software development/design/management.

Who is going to train you?

Trainers are graduates and postgraduates in design from NID and IIT with extensive experience in the UX Industry. They have worked in a variety of domains, creating experiences in IOT, Virtual Reality, Augmented reality, Physical Computing, Web and Mobile.

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  1. Day 2- Analyse & Ideate

    Understand the root cause and derive insights. An in-depth analysis from their search will propel towards solving the problem. Understanding the user is a core essential to make sure the design will match the lifestyle of the user.
  2. Day 3- Design & Prototype

    Ideating and brainstorming will give options for finding the right direction. Development of prototype & its evaluation until user issues have been reduced to an acceptable level.