Voice and Conversation UI UX Design

Voice and Conversation UI UX Design


Voice & Conversation ui ux design course | designerrs



What’s Inside?

Voice & Conversation Design is still a relatively new field. This not only brings challenges but also brings exciting and innovative opportunities.


Leverage these opportunities by becoming a Conversation Designer. Acquire neat skills to design conversational interfaces end-to-end using industry methods. Under the guidance of a seasoned mentor, you’ll build a complete chatbot and an Alexa Skill which solves a real-world problem using step-by-step approach of our curriculum.


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10 weeks

Session Count

21 Sessions


Mentor Led


Skill Level



6 hours/week







Solve real problems using words

Learn to lead the user towards their goals and satisfy their needs through your chatbot.



Master UX Writing Principles

Designing conversations will push you to improve the bot responses and the clarity of its sentences.




Create realistic voice prototypes

Translate your ideas into designing working chatbot and voice assistant prototypes.



Cultivate Usability testing skills

Learn methods to test the usability of your chatbot and voice assistant.






Course Outcomes



Become a Conversation Designer

Get an in-depth understanding of the conversation design process from user research to developer hand-off.



Create an Alexa Skill

Own your own skill prototype which you can publish as an Alexa skill to the world.




Construct your own Chatbot

Demonstrate your UX writing skills through your chatbot prototype.



Lifetime career opportunities

Showcase your work experience and your case studies in our Portfolio.




Get Certified

Gain access to our jobs board and Detaux Community to find endless opportunities.



Build a Conversational Design Portfolio

Showcase your work experience and flex your case studies in your portfolio.




How is this course conducted?

Choose one project from a pool

2 Learn from mentor and live prototypes from curriculum

3 Perform activities under a mentor

4 After completion of project, present your case study to jury

5 Receive certificate 

Voice & Conversation ui ux design course | designerrs


Upcoming Batches

November 2022
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What will you learn?


Voice & Conversation ui ux design course | designerrs

Week 1

Orientation and Course Plan

  • Activities in the course
  • Course Outcomes and Learner Goals
  • Onboarding on the tools
  • Brief Overview of the Course Conduct
  • Learner Engagement Activity


Week 2

Introduction to Conversation Design

  • What is Interaction Design?
  • What is Conversational Interface Design?
  • Types of Conversational Experiences
  • User Experience benefits of Chatbots
  • Working of Conversational Interfaces

Week 3

Designing Chatbot Conversations

  • Prototyping Chatbot Conversations
  • Conversation Design Process
  • Strategizing Project Features & Use cases
  • User research & Analysis
  • Chatbot Terminologies

Week 4

Co-operative           Principles

  • Grice’s Maxims
  • UX Writing Principles
  • Co-operative Principles
  • Application & Examples of Co-operative Principles
  • Variations in Chatbot Responses

Week 5

Conversational Components

  • Handling single and multiple responses
  • Types of Conversational Components
  • Handling Errors
  • 3-Step Personalization model
  • Flow Diagram


Voice & Conversation ui ux design course | designerrs

Week 6

Handling Special User Responses

  • Handling out-of topic questions from users
  • Handling internet errors
  • Handling slangs
  • Handling Abandoned cases
  • Modifying chatbot responses

Week 7

Designing Chatbot Edge Cases

  • Handling off-topic Chatbot responses
  • Types of errors in Conversational Interface
  • Handling errors
  • Error Encouters
  • System Errors

Week 8

Designing Alexa Voice Assistance

  • Differences between Alexa and Chatbot
  • Features of Alexa
  • Guidelines for Designing Alexa skill
  • One-Breath Test
  • Prototyping Alexa skill

Week 9

Visual Design & Developer Hand-off

  • Visual Design
  • Best Practices in Chatbot UI Design
  • Developer Hand-off Process
  • Chatbot Analytics
  • Chatbot Usability Testing using Analytic Tools

Week 10

Jury & Placement Assistance

  • Placement orientation
  • Interview process for UX UI design roles
  • Interview Preparations
  • Jury Presentation
  • Mock Interviews
Voice & Conversation ui ux design course | designerrs



Is this course for you?

The course aims to create a robust foundation for anyone who wants to start a career in design. Thus, anyone can join this course regardless of their profession.


UX/UI Designer

If you have just started with UI/UX Design and want to specialise in designing conversational interfaces like chatbots and Alexa skills, dive into this interesting and challenging course.

Technical Writer

Do you want to utilize your clear and concise writing skills in designing the future of voice and conversational experiences? This course has everything to get you started.


Content Writer/Copywriter

You want to get into design and want to channelize your amazing writing skills to create engaging experiences.. This course will significantly help you open up your mind to a new creative field.

AI/ML Engineer

Building robust machine learning algorithms has made you yearn for learning a user’s emotional needs and behavior so that you can build user-friendly systems, this course will get you started.



What roles will you be eligible for?



Conversation Designer

A conversational designer takes several disciplines like Interaction design, copywriting and visual design to create a natural conversational interface for the users.



UX Writer

A UX writer plans and writes the microcopy in apps, websites, and other various digital products users need to navigate a product.




Best In-Class Mentors

Learn about the latest design methods and strategies followed in the industry from experienced storytellers.


With over 3 years of experience, Namratha has specialised in conversational design for voice assistants and chatbots. Research, data-driven design & UX Strategy are her favourites! “




Namratha Patel

VUI Designer at Nykaa

“I’m passionate about building great products that make people’s lives easier with the power of Data & Design. I have 4 years of experience strategizing innovative digital experiences.”




Aditya Vikram

Lead Designer at Peepal Design




Placement stories

ui ux design course | designers testimonials

ui ux design course | designers testimonials

ui ux design course | designers testimonials

ui ux design course | designers testimonials



Get a certificate worth flaunting

Our Notch Report reflects your design skills which helps potential recruiters and peers get deeper insights into your skills as a designer.




Course Glimpses

ui ux design course | Course Glimpses | designerrs

ui ux design course | Course Glimpses | designerrs

ui ux design course | Course Glimpses | designerrs

ui ux design course | Course Glimpses | designerrs

ui ux design course | Course Glimpses | designerrs



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