Certficate. Notch Report

We aim to break the commonality of a certificate by adding

valuable feedback to a designer’s evaluation.


designerrs certificate


Self-Assess your skills

Notch Report helps you know your strengths and weaknesses, serving as a benchmark for your self-improvement.

Always on the internet

Anyone can access your Notch Report anytime, be it your recruiter or your colleague.



Designerrs Seal of Trust

Evaluated by industry experts, your Notch Report always has credibility which can be entrusted industry-wide.


Become a part of our mission

Like Hex colors are a way of representing the uniqueness of each color, we represent each of our learner’s individuality with a unique color code.

Our mission is to fill the color gamut of 16 Million hex codes by associating it with every aspiring designer.



Why showcase your Notch card?




Adds Credibility to your profile

Validate your profile by adding authenticity to your skills.



It’s Hassle free

You can directly share your certificate using a share link.



Speaks on your behalf

Potential collaborators can assess your skills without you being in person.



How would you be evaluated?

Aspiring Designers are evaluated based on psychological traits like empathy and critical thinking which are essential for them to become proficient designers.