UI/UX Design from Scratch | Bangalore Batch

  • This is a 14-Weeks course for aspirants who want to have full-fledged knowledge about UI UX Design
  •  You will work on real time projects and will be given hands-on training. You will have a UI UX project to add to your portfolio by the end of the course






Fewer distractions, better focus!

   Batch mode



  Starting Date

 8th August 2021






Low Batch strength

No more than 12 students in each batch. Lesser the batch strength higher attention is given to each individual



Diversified Batch

We have people coming from all age groups, professions, and locations. Having diversity will help you discover how people coming from different background thinks and how it can differ which can be a good reason for discussion and debates  




Active Interaction

Individual and group activities within each session. Activities to give you hands-on experience and help you understand the concepts better



Space to inspire learning

Classroom space designed to motivate you to learn better. The Physical atmosphere and the classes are designed in a way that it promotes collaborative learning.





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Aug 08 2021


Designerrs Lab, Bangalore


Aman Acharya
+91 70 9007 8007

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