Kofluence – UI/UX Intern

Posted 7 months ago

Job Description

  • Get exposed to design requirements across the needs of various department within organization including customer communication, product design, internal communication etc.
  • Understand the requirements from respective stakeholders and generate appropriate ideas based on target audience
  • Design creative’s and components keeping in mind the effectiveness, simplicity and convenience with a mobile-first approach for users
  • Stay equipped with the most recent patterns and best practices that are being used for UI/UX plans
  • Reiterate the UI/UX designs to match up the user expectations  

Job Requirements

  • Creative design mindset  
  • Impact oriented
  • Process orientation 
  • Getting things done attitude

Perks & Benefits

  • Monthly Stipend  
  • Awesome environment  
  • Job Interview @ Kofluence (On successful completion of internship) 
  • Breakfast/ Lunch on the house! 

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