To forgive is Design Tee 

“To err is human, to forgive is design.” – People (aka users) tend to make errors, we as designers should design in such a way that these errors are minimised.  

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UX Ninja Tee

A UX Ninja is someone who aces the role of a UX Designer and lives to solve the users’ problems! You can gift this awesome Tee to a friend or flaunt it yourself!

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Empathy Loading Tee 

Empathy is the new cool. As a UX designer, we are sure you couldn’t agree more that the first step to make designs is to empathise with people!

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Design Thinking Tee

This printed tee is the perfect reply (as a designer) when someone asks you “What do you do for a living?”. Get this t-shirt and flaunt your profession.

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Super UX’err Tee

Do you put your user’s needs above everything else?  Do you make interesting and intuitive designs? Then you my friend, are a Super UX Designer.   

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Wear with Pride! – Badges

These quirky and awesome badges is exactly what you need to flaunt your profession. Style up your tees, bag, jackets with these cool badges which comes in a set of 5.

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Wireframes in the form of sticky notes. Use this super efficient wireframe stickies to create wireframes for your next project! You can stick it on walls just like sticky notes and even create a rough prototype to showcase the userflow!

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One of a kind UI UX Design Journal


What’s inside?



Well-explained UI UX Concepts
Concepts explaining ‘how, what & why’ of each UI UX process and steps on how to create UI UX deliverables

Ready-to-use Templates
Templates which you can use to create all deliverables like wireframes, user personas, user scenarios, etc.

Case study and examples
Sample case study and examples to get inspired from, to create and plan awesome interface & experience








Why buy UX Journal?

  • Document all your deliverables in one single place.
  • Save time and effort spent in creating templates from scratch.
  • Get ready-to-use templates for all the UI UX Deliverables.

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