UCD Process to Design Brand Logo

This project talks about following a user centered design approach towards designing a logo for an android mobile application which helps users to find the right gift for the people in their lives and makes every occasion special. We call it Gifto. This article gives a brief idea about the logo design process followed. Enjoy 🙂

1. Inspiration from real life interactions

The Gifto application helps users remind about the special moments in the lives of people in their social circle such as birthdays, anniversary etc. We started with paper and replicated the way people give gifts to each other in real life.

Suggestion 1: Start with paper to draw your inspiration from real life

The interaction here is happening between the gift giver and the receiver who are the potential users who are going through this experience.

2. Abstraction through minimalism

The interaction between the gift giver and the receiver is further simplified and abstracted by fusing their hands together and removing the gift box element to maintain simplicity.

Suggestion 2: Use abstraction and minimalism for simplicity

3. Associate meaning and emotions

The form created has two individuals (giver and receiver), which is logical to have as informed from the user research. The user research provided us with the insights that the gift giving experience for the giver is as much essential as the receiver who is receiving the gift.

Suggestion 3: Add the emotional aspect and meaning to the concept

The feeling associated here in this interaction between 2 people is of happiness and satisfaction which is the emotional aspect of the concept form.

4. Concept fusion with Typography

The concept form is now fused with the word “Gifto”. At this moment its kept in mind to not compromise the readability of the word “Gifto” at the expense of this fusion.

Suggestion 4: If you are making a lettermark logo, try fusing the concept to the typography

5. Making multiple iterations

Making iterations in design is essential as you don’t get the best design in the first go. After multiple iterations we can compare different designs and choose the final version which is approved by all stakeholders.

Suggestion 5: Make plenty of iterations

6. Final Logo Design

The final logo is the one which translates the meaning of the concept well and is legible across different platforms such as print, digital etc.

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