Learning Design doesn’t have to be hard and boring

Our mission is to make it enjoyable, easy, and accessible to everyone.


About us | designerrs


What is Designerrs?

Designerrs provides a safe learning space, tools, and mentors for design aspirants across the world.

We are trying to make design education accessible for everyone by providing learning experiences and training programs.

Our learning pedagogy involves curriculums with Hands-on activities, Live projects, Gamified teaching methods.

This is made possible by our learning experience design team and our Board of Designerrs.




Our Calling

During 2014, if anyone wanted to learn design, they had to plan for design colleges that required tight preparation and had tighter competition. People were missing out on such a valuable field of work.

It was then when we decided to make learning design accessible to everyone in an affordable and enjoyable way.





A Mission of forging 16 million Designers



A Mission of forging 16 million Designers

Our mission is to build highly-amusing and interactive learning experiences to allow our learners to acquire industry skills and mindset effectively.

We wish to teach 16 million designers’ design who will shape future of the world by envisioning it and becoming problem solvers.


What do we dream of during the day?

A future where learning is not considered as boring, where people are striving to learn every day. Designers transforming the world through continuous iterations.



Designerrs | ui ux design course


Keeping learning lighthearted and fun



Keeping learning lighthearted and fun

We make sure every session with our learner is interactive activity-oriented feeling like gameplay.



Values that are going to make our vision a reality




Learn from everything



Be Humble




Dive into Problems



Change fearlessly





Strong Leaders with a stronger vision


Atul Kumar Chhabra | founder at designerrs

Atul Kumar Chhabra

CEO @ Designerrs, Ex Samsung, Wooplr, TCS, Alumni, NID


Striving to make design education accessible worldwide

Atul is from a small town in Himachal Pradesh, growing up he wanted to be an animator but had no idea of how to start or if there was something called design.

After discovering and passing out NID, he realized he didn’t want anyone to have constraints to learn design and decided to bring design education to everyone and laid the foundation of Designerrs.


Determined to create an enjoyable and effective education system

Sidhant had always been curious about understanding how people learn, he felt that design cannot be taught using a lecture, but rather through actually designing something for the real world.

He decided to join Atul to revolutionalize design education with his Ukulele.



Sidhant Goyal | founder at designerrs

Sidhant Goyal

Co Founder @ Designerrs, Ex Samsung, HES-SO Valais , Alumni, IIT Guwahati




Our Team



Designerrs Academy Team




Here’s our Story..



Working together in Samsung, Atul & Sidhant started to take weekend classes who wanted to learn UI & UX Design.


Designerrs shifted to a permanent office introducing 15 more mentors to cater to the increasing demand of learners.


Started hiring designers to create learning experiences and introduced Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Courses.

January 2020

Unveiled our new logo which improves our brand message and identity across all channels. Also completed mentoring 3000 learners.

June 2020

Sold 1k UX Journals which helped designers document their design process.


November 2020

DETAUX Community reached 20,000+ members from 83+ countries.



December 2020

Upskilled employees from 7+ companies through our corporate training.



January 2021

Expanded to 4 more cities; Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad and Mumbai..







What we do?




Design Curriculums

We design learning experiences that include curriculums, fun activities, resources for our learners.



Conduct DETAUX Meetups

We make sure the meetups are engaging, lively, and safe for everyone who attends it.




Corporate Trainings

Helping companies upskill their employees so that they can make valuable contributions in their workplace.



Execute Placements

Helping our learners get a job and partnering with design mature companies to help them hire talent.




Help NGO’s & startups in design

Collaborating with companies to develop their problem briefs and letting our learners solve the problem.



Publish Articles on Design

Regularly posting articles on the latest methodologies and helping our audience learn new topics.





Problems Solved
Sessions Conducted
Screens Created




Rating on Google
Learners Placed
Use Cases Catered





Having fun while we’re at it

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