UX Professional Track

UX Professional Track



What is in the track?

The UI UX Design Course track aims for you to have a comprehensive understanding of UX design and how to apply it to a range of different projects, including beginner-level UX and UI to advanced-level AR experiences. You will be fully prepared to ace your UX design interviews to take the next step in your career with a guaranteed job!




10 Months

Session Count

73 Sessions


Mentor Led

Skill Level



3 hours/session




How does this track work?


Course 1- UX UI Design from Scratch

  • Start your track with the fundamentals of UX and UI design
  • Learn how to create intuitive, user-friendly interfaces that solve real-world problems and meet user needs
  • Understand the basic principles of UI and UX
  • Create a UX case study, publish it in your portfolio, attend a jury evaluation, and obtain a certificate


Course 2 – Augmented Reality UX UI Design

  • With your UX foundation, delve into the world of Augmented reality
  • Master seamless integration of immersive AR experiences with the physical world while enhancing your expertise in user experience
  • Get future-ready in AR design by mastering its principles and following the end-to-end design process
  • Create an advanced AR UX case study, publish it in your portfolio, attend a jury evaluation, and obtain your advance UX UI certificate


Course 3- UX Interview Preparation

  • Finish your track by getting prepared for Design job interviews
  • Learn how to communicate your design thinking process and present your case studies created throughout the track
  • Get tips on how to improve your interview skills by attending mock interviews
  • Get an understanding of the design industry, culture, expectations and job opportunities through our placement


Interview Tasks
Mock Interviews



Courses in this track


Course Outcomes




Gain industry-standard skills

Achieve the latest industry-level expertise and proficiency in the foundational principles and techniques of user experience design



Build a strong portfolio

Create and publish multiple design case studies at the end of each course to add to your portfolio




Achieve 3 certificates

Get industry-relevant certificates with an overview of your performance after each course and after completion of the track worth flaunting



Secure a guaranteed job

Kickstart your UX professional journey by securing a job offer and lifetime access to the latest job opportunities in the Job board for your future endeavours

Yes, you get a guaranteed job!

Discover the efficacy of our track, equipping you with lucrative UX opportunities.

Upon completion of the track, we ensure a job with an attractive package. Know more about this from our job assistance page.

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