UX UI Design from Scratch

UX UI Design from Scratch

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What is inside?

Kick start your UX UI Design course and learn how to tackle real-world problems through user-friendly experiences.

In this course, you will gain the necessary skills to become industry-ready through hands-on learning, completely guided by industry professional mentors, guaranteeing a personalized learning experience.

Take the first step towards a rewarding career in UX design for the future endurance.

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13 weeks

Session Count

26 Sessions


Mentor Led


Skill Level



11 hrs/week





Skills you will master



Understanding Users

Learn to step into the user’s shoes and ask insightful questions.



Fostering Creativity

Learn to cultivate creative ideas that lead to delightful user experiences.





Expressing Ideas

Transform your ideas into user interfaces and master the art of conveying your design decisions effectively



Solving real world problems

Learn research techniques to uncover and address users’ needs and objectives.




Building Aesthetic sense

Learn to develop visual aesthetics and expression through consistent practice with design challenges



Mastering Design tools

Acquire proficiency in industry-standard tools to streamline your workflow and enhance your creative output


Course Outcomes



Become a UX designer

Learn to follow the design thinking process to solve real-world problems and enhance user experience.



Launch your career

Gain exclusive access to job postings for abundant career opportunities.



Build your Portfolio

Elevate your portfolio with a project case study, multiple mini projects and stand out in the competitive job market.



Get Certified

Flaunt industry recognized certificate with an overview of your performance.

How is this UX UI Design course conducted?

Choose one topic from the pool of Problem Briefs


Learn directly from Mentors and our Interactive Curriculum


Perform Activities and complete the project


Present project Case Study to Jury and receive Certificate


Meet the eligibility criteria and receive Job support

ui ux design course | Designerrs academy

Upcoming Batches

July 2024
August 2024
September 2024
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What will you learn?

ui ux design course | Designerrs

Session 1

Let’s get started!

  • Initiating the UX and UI Voyage
  • Understanding Design thinking Process
  • Quest for the Perfect Problem
  • Exploring example case study
  • Design tool exploration

Session 2-3

Knowing your users

  • Understanding User Research
  • Exploring Research Methodologies
  • Conducting User Interviews
  • Understanding Influencing Biases
  • User Research best practices

Session 4-5

Unlocking Insights

  • Analysing Research Data
  • Creating Affinity Mapping
  • Understanding User Persona
  • Creating User Personas
  • Creating Experience Maps

Session 6-7

Blueprinting Experience

  • Creating Task Flows
  • Creating User Flow
  • Building Sitemap
  • Crafting Content Strategies
  • Understanding Nielsen’s Heuristics


Session 8-9

Building Upon Ideas

  • Getting into Interaction Design
  • Mastering UX Writings principles
  • Understanding Cognitive Biases
  • Ideating and creating Wireframes
  • Understanding design considerations
ui ux design course | Designerrs

Session 10-11

Structural Harmony

  • Applying Grid Layout
  • Understanding Jakob’s Law
  • Understanding Law of Proximity
  • Introduction to Design Systems
  • Converting to Hi- Fidelity Wireframes

Session 12-13

Mastering the tool

  • Diving into design tool
  • Exploring tool Features
  • Fine-tuning Wireframes
  • Learning to build Prototypes
  • Refining Visual design

Session 14-15

Crafting Design Magic

  • Understanding Color Theory
  • Picking the right colors
  • Creating Mood Board
  • Exploring Typography
  • Finding the perfect Fonts


ui ux design course | Designerrs

Session 16-17

Elevating The Design

  • Learning Iconography
  • Picking best Icon resources
  • Mastering Visual Hierarchy
  • Adding Visual aesthetics
  • Tips for User-friendly design

Session 18-19

Mastering Usability

  • Testing designs for Usability
  • Understanding User Feedback
  • Qualitative and Quantitative testing
  • Conducting Remote Moderated testing
  • Handing designs to developers

Session 20-21

Building Personal Brand

  • Exploring Portfolio websites
  • Creating engaging Case Studies
  • Writing the perfect Resume
  • Designing your unique Brand
  • Practicing responsive designing

Session 22-25

Getting Industry Ready

  • Case study presentation
  • Jury evaluation
  • Mastering Design Interview tasks
  • Accessing job portal
  • Applying for jobs

Guaranteed Job Support

Get access to 6 months of dedicated job support upon your course completion. Explore our Job Assistance page for detailed insights. Your future career is just around the corner!

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UI UX Design course | Designerrs UI UX Design course | Designerrs

Who can Join This Course

ui ux design course

Aspiring Creatives

If you’re a school student, recent graduate, or have a career gap and are eager to explore the creative path? this course offers a welcoming starting point for a successful transition.

ui ux best certification

Career Transitioners

Looking to transition into UX design from your current job domain? Apply your transferable skills and gain a unique advantage for a seamless career shift.

ux research course

Design Enthusiasts

You’ve learned the design basics in your college specialization, but not how to directly apply everything to interface design. Don’t worry you’ll have the benefit of a head start.


What roles will you be eligible for?

ui ux design course

UX Designer

A UX designer is a person who works to make a platform or product as user-friendly, enjoyable and useful as possible for end users.

ui ux best certification

Product Designer

A product designer is responsible for the user experience of a product, taking direction on the business goals from stakeholders.

ux research course

User Researcher

Identifies and analyses problems, needs and wants of a user and helps the design team convert them into plausible solutions.


Placement stories

ui ux design course | designers academy testimonials

ui ux design course | designers academy testimonials

ui ux design course | designers academy testimonials

ui ux design course | designers academy testimonials

UI UX Design course | Designerrs

A certificate worth your effort

Our certificate reflects your design skills which helps potential recruiter and peer get deeper insights into your skills as a designer

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Be part of the design revolution.

Join us and learn by doing!


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