UX UI Design from Scratch

UX UI Design from Scratch


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What is inside?

UX UI Design Course from Scratch ensures that you’ll learn the latest research methods, ideation, and visual design skill through interactive examples (Dotspot Experiences).

Execute one project toward solving a real-world problem. Through mentor-guided activities, follow a user-centered process to create a user-friendly application.


Create your Resume, a Case study to add to your design portfolio, and Linkedin Profile. Prepare for your interviews and get placement guidance from our placement experts.


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13 weeks

Session Count

26 Sessions


Mentor Led


Skill Level



6 hours/week







Gain Empathy and rejuvenate your curiosity

Learn to fit yourself in the user’s shoes and ask more and better questions to your users.



Cultivate strong visual and creative skills

Learn to play with visual elements and generate new ideas to create enjoyable experiences.





Learn to realize and express your ideas

Translate your ideas into user interfaces and learn to present your design decisions.



Acquire skills to find your user’s problems

Absorb research techniques that help you find users’ needs and goals.




UX UI Course Outcomes



Become a Pro

Learn to follow the design thinking process to solve real world problems and improve user’s life.



Lifetime career opportunities

Gain access to our jobs board and Dtalks Community to find endless opportunities.



Get Certified

Flaunt industry recognised certificate with overview of your performance.



Portfolio Building

Create and publish one detailed case study at the end of the course to add in your portfolio.

How is this UX UI course conducted?

Choose one topic from the pool of Problem Briefs


Learn directly from Mentors and our Interactive Curriculum


Perform Activities and complete the project


Present project Case Study to Jury and receive Certificate

ui ux design course | Designerrs academy

Upcoming Batches

September 2023
October 2023
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What will you learn?

ui ux design course | Designerrs

Week 1


  • Orientation & Onboarding
  • Introduction to UX & UI Design
  • Design Thinking Process
  • Introduction to Problem Brief
  • Design Tool explorationInteraction ac

Week 2


  • Understanding Empathy
  • User Research methods
  • Conducting Secondary Research
  • Conducting Primary Research
  • Questionnaire and User InterviewPro

Week 3

Analyse & Define

  • Analysing Research Data
  • Creating Affinity Mapping
  • Understanding User Persona
  • Creating User Personas
  • Creating Experience MapsUnderstan

Week 4

User Flows & Sitemaps

  • Understanding User Flow
  • Understanding Task flow
  • Difference between User & Task flow
  • Creating Sitemap
  • Content StrategyUnderstanUnde


Week 5

Navigation & Interaction design

  • Mobile Navigation
  • Understanding UX Writing
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Understanding Interaction Design
  • UI Design FundamentalsUnderstandi
ui ux design course | Designerrs

Week 6

Grid and UI components

  • Understanding Grid system
  • Low Fidelity Wireframe
  • UI Components
  • Introduction to Material Design
  • High-Fidelity Wireframes Prototyping

Week 7

UI Design in Figma

  • Creating UI Design
  • Alignment & Layout
  • Negative Space
  • Creating Wireframe in Figma
  • Prototyping in Figma Prototypingtyp

Week 8

Color & Typography

  • Understanding Color Psychology
  • Moodboards & Color Palette
  • Typography Guidelines
  • Creating Type Scale
  • Theming & Branding Prototypingtyp


ui ux design course | Designerrs

Week 9

Visual Design and Hierarchy

  • Iconography
  • Adding Shadows
  • Visual Hierarchy & Spacing
  • Aesthetic Usability Effect
  • Refining Visual Design Prototyingand

Week 10

Usability Testing

  • Types of Testing
  • Planning and Preparing Testing
  • Creating a Questionnaire for Testing
  • Conducting Usability Testing
  • Developers Hand off Prototypingand

Week 11

Case Study

  • Portfolio platforms
  • Case Study Structure
  • Case Study compilation
  • Publishing case study on Medium
  • Publishing case study on BehancePro

Week 12

Resume & Presentation

  • Resume Guidelines
  • Resume Creation
  • UX Interview Process
  • Decoding Interview tasks
  • Case study Presentation Prototyinga


Week 13

Jury & Placement

  • Jury Presentation
  • lnterview Preparations
  • Design Evaluation Criteria
  • UX Job roles and Application
  • Placement Assistance Prototyingand


Is this course for you?

The course aims to create a robust foundation for anyone who wants to start a career in design.
Thus, anyone can join this course regardless of their profession.

graphic to ux design course | Designerrs academy

Graphic Designer

You’ve learned the basics, but not how to directly apply everything to interfaces. Don’t worry you’ll have the benefit of a headstart.

learn ux design from scratch


You’re right at home making things work on the screen and now want to make designs as beautiful as your code. We got you.



You’ve learned the basics, but not how to directly apply everything to interfaces. Don’t worry you’ll have the benefit of a headstart.

learn ui ux design from scratch

Project Manager

You’ve wanted to jump into the creative track but might not have found a place to start. This course will help you make the transition.



What roles will you be eligible for?

ui ux design course

UX Designer

A UX designer is a person who works to make a platform or product as user-friendly, enjoyable and useful as possible for end users.

ui ux best certification

Product Designer

A product designer is responsible for the user experience of a product, taking direction on the business goals from stakeholders.

ux research course

User Researcher

Identifies and analyses problems, needs and wants of a user and helps the design team convert them into plausible solutions.





Placement stories

ui ux design course | designers academy testimonials

ui ux design course | designers academy testimonials

ui ux design course | designers academy testimonials

ui ux design course | designers academy testimonials

UI UX Design course | Designerrs

A certificate worth your effort

Our certificate reflects your design skills which helps potential recruiter and peer get deeper insights into your skills as a designer


Course Glimpses


Be part of the design revolution.

Join us and learn by doing!


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