Augmented Reality UX UI Design

Augmented Reality UX UI Design




What’s Inside?

Augmented Reality is the fastest-growing field, providing new opportunities to shape 3D interactions that were limited to the 2D screens of our devices. Learn a new perspective on how we interact with our world in the Augmented Reality Design Course.


Learn a new perspective on how we can interact with our world under the guidance of a seasoned mentor, you’ll learn to design immersive AR apps that can solve real-world problems using a step-by-step approach to our curriculum.


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AR VR training course


14 weeks

Session Count

26 Sessions

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Mentor Led


Skill Level


AR VR Training Course


6 hours/week





Augmented reality



Create futuristic AR experiences

Learn the art of designing immersive experiences that are going to impact billions of lives in the future.

Interaction Design Courses



Master the principles of Spatial design

Designing with Space and 3D materials will guide you to improve clarity in designing for both the Real and Virtual worlds.


Augmented reality



Solve real problems

Design immersive products that solve problems and lead the user towards their goals, using 3D interfaces and interactions.

Augmented reality



Learn usability Heuristics of AR

Validate your designs by applying AR heuristics, leading to more riveting and comfortable user experiences.






Course Outcomes

best ar/vr courses



Be an AR UX Designer

Enhance your capabilities of designing AR products end-to-end by utilizing in-depth principles of AR Design

best ar/vr courses



Grasp AR Design workflow

By following the design process from research to developer handoff, be future-ready to design AR products.


Interaction Design Courses | best ar/vr courses



Solve Spatial Challenges

Create immersive environments by understanding the nuances of virtual elements and real objects.

Interaction Design Courses



Write Case Studies

Add more value to your design portfolio by adding AR UX case studies and showcasing your Design thinking capabilities.


Interaction Design Courses



Get Certified

Acquire quantified evaluation of your design skills through jury and certification.



Lifetime career opportunities

Gain access to our jobs board and Dtalks Community to find endless opportunities.



How is this course conducted?


Choose one project from a pool of problem briefs


Learn from mentors and live prototypes from the curriculum


Perform activities under a mentor


After completion of the project, present your case study to the jury


Receive certificate

Augmented Reality UI UX Design Course | Designerrs Academy


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October 2023
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What will you learn?


Augmented Reality UI UX Design Course | Designerrs Academy

Week 1


  • Activities in the course
  • Course Outcomes and Learner Goals
  • Onboarding on the tools
  • Brief Overview of the Course Conduct
  • Learner Engagement Activity


Week 2

Introduction to AR Design

  • XR Landscape
  • Understanding the importance of AR and UX design
  • Use cases of AR products
  • AR App explorations
  • Introduction to problem briefs

Week 3

User Research

  • Design Thinking Process
  • Creating Questionnaires for carrying out user interviews
  • Conducting User Research
  • Affinity mapping
  • Analysis & Personas

Week 4

Mental Model

  • User Journey Mapping
  • Relating mental model with User Personas
  • Components of Journey Map
  • Creating Scenarios 
  • Creating Scene flows

Week 5


  • Storyline Creation 
  • Sketching for Storyboards in Augmented Reality
  • Logic of Narration
  • Scene Navigation
  • Scene Layout
Augmented Reality UI UX Design Course | Designerrs Academy

Week 6

Interaction designing

  • Elements of Interaction Design
  • Designing similar Interactions for 2 worlds
  • Interaction Patterns
  • Ergonomics Guidelines
  • AR Space Design

Week 7

AR Prototyping Tools

  • Basics of AR prototyping
  • Types of AR experiences
  • Understanding of 3D Asset types and their use cases
  • Adding Audio
  • Actions & Triggers

Week 8

Content Strategy

  • Content Inventory Management & Strategy
  • Downloading Assets 
  • Creation of 3D Assets 
  • Editing 3D Mesh 
  • Adding color & Export 
Augmented Reality UI UX Design Course | Designerrs Academy

Week 9

Heuristic Evaluation

  • Document AR Behaviours
  • Usability in AR
  • Understanding AR Heuristics
  • Conducting Heuristics Evaluation for AR experiences
  • Scene Refinements

Week 10

Color, Texture and Materials

  • Colours & Texture in AR
  • Colour Psychology
  • Application & Examples of Visual Principles in AR
  • Material Designing
  • Visual Refinements

Week 11

Typography & Developer Handoff

  • Text Anchor, Color and Size
  • Application & Examples of AR Typography and Legibility
  • Typeface Selection
  • Developer Handoff Guidelines
  • Mentor Review

Week 12

Case Study         Compilation

  • Portfolio preparation
  • Case study writing
  • Understanding & creating AR Case study Structure
  • Publishing Case study
  • Peer Review

Week 13

Portfolio & Jury

  • Resume Creation
  • Understanding of Portfolio Structure & guidelines 
  • UX design interview
  • Portfolio Review
  • Jury Presentation

Week 14

Placement Assistance

  • Placement orientation
  • The interview process for AR UX design roles
  • Interview preparations
  • Mock Interviews
  • Dos and Don’ts
Augmented Reality UI UX Design Course | Designerrs Academy



Is this course for you?

The course aims to create a robust foundation for anyone who wants to start a career in design.

Thus, anyone can join this course regardless of their profession.


best ar/vr courses

UX/UI Designer

If you have just started with UI/UX Design and want to specialize in designing AR experiences, dive into this interesting and challenging course.

best ar/vr courses

Interior Designers & Architects

Apply your space design principles and create a new dimension for Augmented reality experiences! This course offers a game-changing skillset for you.


best ar/vr courses

3D Modelers

Do you want to utilize your clear and concise visualization skills in designing the future of Augmented Reality experiences? This course has everything to get you started.

best ar/vr coursesProduct Designers

Integrate your 3D capabilities, form, function, and product design skillset and design meaningful products, This course will help you upskill your design methodology.


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Graphic Designers

You want to get into design and want to channel your amazing visual skills to create immersive experiences, This course will significantly help you open up your mind to a new creative field.



What roles will you be eligible for?

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AR UX Designer

Design products that offer meaningful experiences, to enhance the physical world by designing media and by providing design inputs.

best ar/vr courses

Visual / 3D UI designers

3D designers are the modelling, Colour, material and texture specialists and they create concepts, 3D assets and layouts for AR experiences.

AR Interaction/ Prototyper

Designing prototypes and creating interactions for an enhanced experience of products, working with various prototyping tools/ coding platforms.

UI UX Design course | Designerrs

A certificate worth your effort

Our certificate reflects your design skills which helps potential recruiter and peer get deeper insights into your skills as a designer

Course Glimpses

Be part of the design revolution.

Join us and learn by doing!


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