Designerrthon Challenges

An innovative UI UX Design challenge every day gives one the chance to exercise their creativity and commit

to innovative design thinking and strategizing.


UI UX Design Challenges | Designerrthon | Designerrs Academy


Why should you take this challenge?



Improve your design skills

Designing every day, makes you better at it, which contributes to an overall improvement in your designs.



Design daily, and Learn faster

Improve your skills by overcoming roadblocks, with consistent practice. Learn faster than ever.

UI UX Design Challenges | Designerrthon | Designerrs Academy



Master your Flaws

We waste a lot of mental energy & time overthinking our work. Practicing allows to be patient enough to master your flaws




The Rules To Participate in the challenge

You must be 18 or older in order to participate and win prizes

2 Like the challenge post and follow Designerrs Academy on Instagram/Linkedin

3 Complete the challenge and share the post on Instagram/Linked with hashtag #designerrthon and tag us.

4 Submission must be an original design. Any entry with plagiarism or copyright violation found will be rejected.

UI UX Design Challenges | Designerrthon | Designerrs Academy




Who should participate in this challenge?


New Designers

Designerrthon offers new designers a way to practice design tools regularly, and get feedback on their work.


Designerrthon allows students to practice what they learn and get feedback from designers.


Regardless of your design experience, Designerrthon keeps you up to date with the new tool and trends.




What’s in it for you?




Get Featured

The best works of each challenge will be featured on our social media pages.



Win Prizes

Participants with the most number of featured posts will be considered as winners




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