Voice & Intelligence UI/UX Design

Voice & Intelligence UI/UX Design




What is this course about ?


It is a 16 week course for aspirants who are passionate about creating conversational interfaces. You will learn about designing voice assistants using co-operative principles. In the end, you will have designed an Alexa skill that can hold conversations with your potential users.

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Why join this course ?


Become a conversation designer

Get in-depth understanding of conversation design process from research to developer hand-off


Design a working virtual assistant

You will design a working prototype of chatbot/virtual assistant and test it on alexa



The future is conversation

Companies are moving forward to design products that can naturally converse with their customers


Refine your UX writing skills

Designing conversation will push you to improve the responses of the bot and the clarity of its sentences






Design a Live virtual assistant

You will be working on designing a live virtual assistant and learn about the conversation process handling the user error and handling the deliverables by developers.





Who is this course for ?


  • Content writer, Copywriter, and technical writers who want to transition to UX design
  • UX designer who wants to become conversation designer
  • Anyone who is passionate about UX design






Courses taken by best mentors in the industry

  • Mentors who have extensive experience working in this industry
  • Mentors who have been working as conversation designers for 3+ years




Course perks


Learn 3+ tools 

3+ design tools and 5+ plugins required to design conversational interfaces


Learn 11+ Principles

Learn the conversation design principles to guide you while designing


Get Certified

We provide a digital certificate after the completion of the course 


Free Figma Pro

Work on figma pro & exclusive UI kits required to design conversational interfaces





What will you learn ?

Become a conversation designer in two months




  • What is Interaction design ?
  • Usability goals in interaction Design
  • Evolution of Interfaces
  • What is conversation
  • Working of Conversational Interface



  • How does Conversational Interfaces work?
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Natural Language Understanding
  • How do humans communicate?
  • Why choose Conversational Experiences?



  • Types Of Conversational Experiences 
  • Limitations of Voice and User Interface 
  • What is a chatbot ?
  • Examples of Chatbots
  • Machine Learning





  • Automatic Speech Recognition
  • Conversation Prototyping tools
  • Prototype conversation flows
  • Introduction to Conversation Design
  • Sitemap creation



  • User Interviews
  • User personas
  • Is conversation design the right fit?
  • Creating a chatbot persona
  • Benefits of a chatbot







  • Flow Diagram
  • Cooperative Principles
  • Conversational Components 
  • Writing Dialog Draft
  • Testing Dialog Drafts
  • Gathering insights from research


  • Dialogue for virtual assistant
  • Roleplaying Dialogue drafts
  • Wiz OZ test
  • Conversational Components
  • Prototyping Use Cases
  • Personalizing conversations


  • Visual Design
  • Visual Components
  • Quantitative testing
  • Designing for the long tail
  • Developer HandOff
  • Final review of project