Design Updates: Figma Config 2023

Figma Config 2023 introduces a range of new features that revolutionize the way designers and developers collaborate. Let’s explore these updates and how they enhance the design and development experience.

Let’s check out these exciting new updates!

Dev Mode

Dev Mode | Figma Config 2023 | Designerrs Academy


One standout feature is Dev Mode, fostering seamless collaboration between designers and developers. Developers can dive into Dev Mode to track design status and changes, inspect designs comprehensively, access relevant code snippets, and extend their workflows using plugins.


Advance Prototyping

Advance Prototyping | Figma Config 2023 | Designerrs Academy 

Another enhancement is the Advanced Prototyping capability, enabling designers to create realistic and interactive prototypes with fewer frames and connections.

Variables, conditional logic, and expressions make prototypes dynamic and immersive. This empowers designers to craft experiences resembling the final product, aiding visualization and feedback.



Variables | Figma Config 2023 | Designerrs Academy 

Figma now supports variables, adapting designs for different contexts and aligning them closer to code.

Designers manage color variations, handle string, number, or boolean values, and customize design elements based on specific conditions. Variables provide flexibility and efficiency throughout the design process


Auto Layout

Auto Layout | Figma Config 2023 | Designerrs Academy 

Auto Layout is another powerful feature in Figma Config 2023. Designers create dynamic frames that automatically adjust based on content, eliminating manual layout adjustments.

Objects can wrap to a new line, set minimum and maximum widths and heights, and truncate text based on a specified number of lines.


Figma Acquires Diagram

Figma Diagram | Figma Config 2023 | Designerrs Academy 

As a bonus, Figma has acquired Diagram, a team known for their work in AI. Figma harnesses AI to transform the product development process.

The integration of AI in Figma opens possibilities for designers and developers. It automates tasks and generates design suggestions, revolutionizing the product development journey.

Figma’s commitment to AI-driven innovation ensures teams work efficiently, from ideation to implementation.



In conclusion, Figma Config 2023 revolutionizes the design and development process, empowering both designers and developers. Moreover, Figma’s acquisition of Diagram signifies their commitment to harnessing AI to drive productivity and innovation. Overall, Figma Config 2023 empowers designers and developers alike, elevating the design and development experience to new heights.

We’ll keep an eye out for more design updates for you! So we are better equipped with the right resources for you. Want to learn how to master Figma and become a UI UX Designer take a look at the UX Professional Track.