From communication to Cafe- Journey of a Women Designpreneur



My Journey as a designer started in college itself. I am a communication designer by degree. And now I have opened my home-bakery. From my college days, I wanted to have a cafe of my own. Time was passing but it never took off. Pandemic gave me enough time to think clearly about what I want to do and so I started with my own Sweet Crum.




Travel back in time


After graduating when I was unsure of my skills in UX Design, I joined Designerrs Lab. In the blink of an eye it became my extended family.

My mentors supported me all the way and helped me nurture. From being a shy girl who was scared to talk to people, to being a confident version of myself, I have come a long way. Thanks to Atul for the same as he motivated and helped me to improve my skills.

I started as a student, being part of UX Design Learning Experience program at Designerrs where Sidhant was my mentor, he guided me throughout the design process and helped when I was working on a live project. I used to be very nervous and scared in client meetings and to present the work, he helped me with not just designs but with my personality as well.



Journey as an Entrepreneur

The Insect of entrepreneurship was always inside me. I used to discuss random Ideas or thoughts with Atul and Sidhant that I want to pursue along with my journey of being a UX designer. They encouraged and gave some time off to work on it. For some reason, it did not work out. Maybe I was not ready to get into it.

Working in Designerrs allowed me to work in diverse verticals such as Merchandiser, an Instructional Designer and UX

Designer. I learnt how we can use the Design Thinking Concepts and Process to create delightful and effective Learning Experiences. Being said that when I planned for my venture, I used the design thinking process to plan out the roadmap of my startup.






I researched to make sure I cover the bases before deciding on the flavours, texture and what dessert. Some basic questions I worked on like

–  What are popular/ in demand?

–  What do home bakers offering?

–  Which chocolates are best? Which ingredients are healthy, the ratio of ingredients for bulk making.

–  How they are taking up the orders? which platform to choose?

–  What packaging to go ahead. And So on


Using the research, I started narrowing down the options to define what desserts I want to put on the menu. I made the list of what flavours I want to have what compositions to play around for example chocolates, truffles, cakes, jars etc..


Keeping that parameter in mind I begin to ideate. The possibilities were endless. Its a bit wild ride during this part of the process, questions I had what would complement, add value? What is required to my users/ customers? And to evoke specific emotions with chocolates.

Prototype and Test


I moved forward and created my first set of truffles which were my prototype and I tested with my friends and some acquaintances.





Now, I am iterating every day, coming up with new flavours and variety to add to Sweet Crum menu and most importantly to give perfect dessert and give the magical experience to the customer.