Lean UX method: A savior in design process for startups


As we have many UX methodologies, at times it is difficult which one to follow. If you are short on time and resources, Lean UX is the savior for you.  


What is Lean UX?

  Lean UX is a design process which is a combination of business-hypothesis-driven experimentation, iterative product releases and validated learning by shortening product development cycles.  

The Lean Loop


By following Lean UX, your hypothesis turns into ideas where building ideas leads to product, learning the product gives the data you need, measuring the data gives the ideas to better the experience and product and it goes on as Lean UX is iterative.  

Why Lean UX?

As Lean Ux is data-driven, fast and iterative, it is easy to validate the product.  

Lean UX Methodology

Lean Ux is done in collaboration with Designers, Product Managers, Developers and Quality Analysts so that all the stakeholders are on the same page. The designer understands the product goals from product manager and form the hypothesis which is the base to generate ideas. Developers and Quality Analysts should be informed about the ideas so that they plan their work accordingly. Major stages involved: (a) Validation of Ideas (b) Design (c) Final Product Development & Test  


  We all get ideas but we have to validate which one is going to work for us before going to design phase. The following are necessary validation processes: (a) Validate problem (b) Validate market (c) Validate Product

“Validate early, validate often!”

I am going to explain more about how to validate in my upcoming stories.  


Once you have the ideas ready, it’s all about building a minimum viable product (MVP). Lean UX is all about doing the just enough designing in the starting phase and you can always build on later. Design phase consists of many different contexts: (a) Fix a bug (c) Make small change in User Flow (f) Reorganising the product (g) Building a brand new product (h) Redesigning for another platform  


  It’s all about which method you use to measure the product (Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis) The following are the metrics used to measure the product that is released : (a) Retention (b) Revenue (c) NPS (Net Promoter Score) (d) Engagement (e) Conversion to paying (f) Customer Service Contacts 


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