Must-Try Design Podcasts for UI UX Inspiration



The best thing about Design Podcasts is they come with time convenience. We can download, stream or replay it whenever we want. Nowadays a lot of communities and organizations are using podcasting to build better relationships with their listeners. Podcasts are a great way to gain a lot of information in a short interval of time. Top UI/UX designers around the world have been using this tool of communication effectively. Thus, we bring to you some of the best podcasts that UI/UX designers and any design enthusiast must stream to.


User defender podcast

Design Podcasts are a blessing for someone who is into UI/UX designing and the cinematic universe because it’s a perfect blend of both. This podcast host interviews the superheroes of UI/UX design to inspire and equip patrons to bring out a better user experience. The discussion is mainly about UX, Front end, designs, and everything in between. To give it a fun element Jason also gives them a character name, ask them about their superpowers and UX Kryptonite, cool right? The podcast covers topics on how you can do great in interviews, current UI/UX affairs, and importance of soft skills, and a lot more to help you sharpen your skills and knowledge to be a better UI/UX designer.


Podcast hosted by: Jason Ogle


Since:  September 2019


Average episode runtime: by 1 Hour


Episode’s Frequency: 2 Episodes/Month


Must-watch episode: 001 – The Lines between Designer and Developer are starting to blur with Daniel Hooper


Podcast link: userdefenders.com/episodes



Shop talk show

For someone who doesn’t know what a shop talk is, it’s work talk outside the work. The hosts of this design podcasts Chris and Dave are two creative, knowledgeable, and funny guys who discuss front-end web designing, development, and of course the UX. This podcast theme revolves around Q & A sessions, where they even call guests sometimes to talk shop and discuss the questions asked by listeners. This podcast is amazing for a front-end developer or web UX design professionals. The hosts, however, also talk about the latest happenings in the industry, CSS, interview decoding, etc. to give listeners a full package of information.


Podcast hosted by: Dave Rupert & Chris Coyier


Since:  January 2012


Average episode runtime: 1 Hour


Episode’s Frequency: 1 Episode/Week (Every Monday)


Must-watch episode:  460 – What’s New in CSS in 2021 with Adam Argyle


Podcast link: shoptalkshow.com



UI breakfast podcast

Like a breakfast table conversation, this podcast has a very carefree yet informative style of conversation. Jane the design podcasts host discusses UI/UX designs, product strategies, marketing, aspects of technology, SaaS products, and anything that can add value to the skills and information about UI/UX designers, product managers, developers, and creators. Derrick Reimer, Pablo Stanley, Cheryl Platz, and other experts have graced this show with their presence to inspire and educate listeners.


Podcast hosted by: Jane Portman


Since: 2012


Average episode Runtime: 43 Minutes


Episode’s Frequency: 3 Episodes / Month


Must-watch episode: 001 – Episode 86 “The Future of UX”


Podcast link: uibreakfast.com/category/pod.




99% invisible

The whole idea of 99% invisible depends on Roman Mars’ 1% capability of observing the design process of things from day to day life and normally remains unnoticed by UI/UX designers. This tiny radio show, as they call it talks about designs, architecture, infrastructure, urban planning, history of things, and the user experience that stands the test of time. From LED lights to Ships, the podcast talks about design, user experience, and the history of the object, and how it impacts our day-to-day lives.


Podcast hosted by: Roman Mars


Since: September 3, 2010


Average episode runtime: 1 hour on an average


Episode’s Frequency: 2 or 3 Episodes per month


Must-watch episode: Episode 292 – “Speech Bubbles: Understanding Comics”


Podcast link: https://99percentinvisible.org/




When it comes to designing, Adobe is a big name and so is its podcast for designers. This is a hood for graphic designers, UX designers, illustrators, typographers, artists, activists, and creators. This podcast is moreover like investigative journalism on UI/UX design. If you are interested in getting information on designs, sounds, media, and how these impact user experiences, this podcast is for you.


Podcast hosted by: Patrick Faller


Since: 2018


Average episode runtime: by 8 minutes


Episode’s Frequency: 2 Episodes / Quarter


Must-watch episode: Episode 2 – “Good Design is Human”


Podcast link: creative.gimletmedia.com/sho



What is wrong with UX

If you are looking for a casual style of reporting on subjects like UI/UX designs, product management, digital products, and the design industry, you must definitely tune in to this podcast. Kate & Laura are funny, insightful, informative, and great advisors. The podcasts here are great for both beginners and working professionals and talks about the pain points of designers, industry, and users in a very comical way.


Podcast hosted by: Kate and Laura


Since:  March 2015


Average episode runtime: 30 minutes


Episode’s Frequency: 1 Episode / Month


Must-watch episode: Working with Non-Designers


Podcast link: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/what-is-wrong-with-ux/id980133198



UX podcast

This podcast is intended to push the boundaries of UX design. The podcast has a discussion and debate format where the main points of discussion are technology, business, design, society, and people. The hosts also have experts like Don Norman, Scott Berkun, Cheryl Platz, etc. join them from time to time to discuss the subject matter and how it’s impacting the user experience. With such a large arena of topics, this podcast is a one-stop destination for UI/UX designers, engineers, product professionals, developers, people interested in business, digital media, and technology.


Podcast hosted by: James Royal-Lawson & Per Axbom


Since:  May 2011


Average episode runtime: 28 minutes


Episode’s Frequency: 2 Episodes/Month


Must-watch episode: #263 Creating a better society with Don Norman


Podcast link: uxpodcast.com



High Resolution

Hosted by Bobby Ghoshal and Jared Erondu, this podcast is a series of 25 podcasts with top influencers from big companies to discuss approaches, communication tactics, and design implementation on a such big scale. Experts like Katie Dill, Director of Experience Design at Airbnb, IBM Head of Design, Phil Gilbert, Luke Woods is the Head of Design at Facebook, and a lot more have joined the show and spilled their secrets on designs. The entire series is so insightful, informative, and fun that we recommend all UI/UX designers to stream it at least once.


Podcast hosted by: Bobby Ghoshal & Jared Erondu


Since:  2017


Average episode runtime: 60 to 90 minutes


Episode’s Frequency: 1 per week


Must-watch episode: Pinterest Head of Design August de los Reyes, on ending disability through better design


Podcast link:https://www.highresolution.design/



Writers in tech podcast

Writers in tech podcast is among those rare podcasts that discuss designs and writing at the same time. The main focus, however, circulates around how writing impacts the design industry. This podcast is a product of the UX writing hub and the guests have mainly experienced UX writers, content strategists, content designers, product designers, etc. It’s a great show for aspiring technical writers, UX writers, and UI/UX designers as most of the panel members come from influential organizations like Kickstarter, Waze, Google, etc…

Podcast hosted by: Yuval Keshtcher


Since: June 2019


Average episode runtime: 20 minutes to an hour


Episode’s Frequency: 1 Episode/ Month


Must-watch episode: A practical guide to ethical design: Interview with bestselling author Nir Eyal


Podcast link: https://writers-in-tech.simplecast.com/



Ramblings of a Designer

This is an interview-based podcast where they invite working professionals, entrepreneurs, influencers, and even students sometimes to discuss various aspects of designs. The mainline of focus remains on graphic designs though but with time the hosts are tapping on different aspects of designing as well. From a student who hosted two hackathons to an HP employee, you will find some young and cool guests to let out the secret of success and scopes in designing.

Podcast hosted by: Laszlo Lazuer & Terri Rodriguez-Hong


Since:  June 28, 2018


Total episodes: 125


Average Episode time: 30 minutes


Episode’s Frequency: New episode every week


Must-watch episode: Episode 117 – Marlon McKinney


Podcast link: https://roads.libsyn.com/


UI/UX designers have been availing great benefits from these podcasts in the last decade and every year variety of podcasts are added to this list. Stream to these podcasts and stay updated with the latest happening in the industry. To learn more about UI UX Design, check out UX Professional Track.