UI trends 2021: 7 design trends that will dominate this year



2021 changed the world, designing industry is no exemption. From ditching, what was considered to be cutting edge last year to Glass morphism, this year brought a pool of modern UI trends for designers. With the sudden move in consumer behavior last year, designers over the world began finding thoughts to manage with the pace of change. Here are 7 latest UI trends that are ruling 2021.



You might know it as the Foster glass effect or Acrylic as Microsoft calls it but Glassmorphism has successfully found its way to the latest UI trends of 2021. Glassmorphism basically gives a semi-transparent foundation to your components, with a sublime shadow and border. In spite of the fact that you might have seen Glassmorphism in iPhone notification designs or other platforms, you can check out stripe’s website for a better understanding.




3D designs

Gone are the days when 3D designs seemed complicated, with tools like Spline and Vectary, 3D designs are the new normal. No wonder, one thing that we can find in the background alongside typography and illustration today, are some cool 3D designs. 3D designs have always marked its presence among the minds of designers but since last year this trend has made them go gaga over it too. Sites like superlist, Campo Alle Comete are classic instances of the craze of this tool among UI designers.




Animated illustrations

2021 is more around including life into designs and tools as Lottie movements have made it fairly simple to achieve. Character animation permits UI designers to effectively represent the mood of their message and add elegance to it. As a designer, it also gives you room to play with characters by making it appear proficient and perky at the same time, which is known to impact the audience in a positive way also. Species-in-pieces, Lavva and Goliath Entertainment are websites that took this trend to a whole new level.




Big and Bold Typography

Big in font size and bold in statements, this UI trend is one of the most exhausted yet dynamic ones. Big typography is playing a great part in designing and aesthetics in 2021. Recent times have cleared the way for distortion in uniform frames and shapes of UI designing, making designers try their hands on this new trend. From 3D to chaotic typography to mixed typeface, this year will bring us a lot of bold typography moments. Websites like dragon rouge, aebele, instudio, etc. are doing a superb job with this trend.




Bauhaus design style

Bauhaus design style has finally made its way from interior and architectural designs to UI designs. The basic rule of Bauhaus plan fashion spins around geometrical figures, synthesis of different art forms, and keeping the genuine nature of objects intact. Websites like designerrs is a classic example of this style.




Colorless UI

Colorless UI designs are definitely giving colors to the latest UI trends of 2021. Ditching the “eye-catching effect” and adopting this classic powerful style has given a new dimension to the aesthetics of websites and applications and users are loving it. For better reference of Colorless UI visit sites like Retrio, BASIC Culture Manual, Octoplus Group, Huru Backpack, etc.




 Aurora UI/Flow radiant

Aurora UI, or as some prefer to call it Flow radiant, has been adding appeal to the overall visual of interfaces whether used alone or in combination with Glassmorphism. Random blurred shapes and gradients, tones, and a smooth transition between all of them make up the style. This UI design trend can be seen in buttons, menus, backgrounds, etc. While it has been used by sites such as Stripe, Dribbble and Behance have recently made it popular.



Although these are our top 7 picks of the latest UI trends in 2021, here are trends that you just might want to explore viz a viz. Dark mode, Brutalism, soft gradient, micro-interactions, Stylish moderation, and optical figments. Check out all these astounding UI trends to meet the creative request of 2021.