Graphic Designers VS Ui Designers

UI Designers vs. Graphic Designers

As the Design field evolves and grows into new verticals, the demand for new talent increases. One often confuses UI Designers with Graphic Designers.

Let’s explore the scope of each field and the growth opportunities they offer, starting with Graphic Design.


Who are Graphic Designers?

Graphic designers create print designs such as posters, brochures, invitations, business cards, and more. They also occasionally develop UI design assets for the web, including logos and icons.

Their primary tools include Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Corel Draw, and other design software. They utilize these tools to bring their creative ideas to life.


Who are UI Designers?

UI designers collaborate closely with UX designers to finalize the framework and wireframes. Their primary objective is to create visually appealing website designs.

They transform the UX designer’s work into high-fidelity visual deliverables for the development team.


UI Designers VS Graphic Designers

UI designers and graphic designers collaborate on similar projects to optimize the customer experience.

Graphic designers create print and web design layouts, focusing on aesthetics and visual appeal.

Graphic designers design layouts for both web and print, capturing consumer attention.

Let’s discuss some responsibilities and understand the difference in their work.


Job responsibilities of a UI Designer:

UI designers actively participate in making wireframes, creating prototypes, and designing mockups. They collaborate closely with UX designers to ensure seamless user experiences.


Job responsibilities of a Graphic Designer:

Graphic designer generates and present design concepts, incorporate client feedback and validate deliverables for error-free final submission.

At the entry-level position, the salary of a UI Designer is 5-8 LPA, and the Salary of a Graphic Designer is 3-5 LPA.



In conclusion, opt for a position that better suits your requirements. That can be Graphic Designer or UX UI Designer interfaces.

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